Yes, we can work together.

I work with leaders, marketers, and agencies.

I do a combination of talks, training, research, strategy, and words. You can find details at Mighty Jungle.

I like to do strategy while also helping people learn how to do strategy. My approach to strategy is very much a writer’s approach. Most of my clients have enough data, too much data, they just need help hearing what the data are saying.

Talks and training

I have over 30 hours of training. The foundation session is called Strategy! The Workout. It’s two hours focusing on problem identification, lateral thinking, insights, and writing propositions. I’ve done this from Buenos Aires to Vancouver and across to Prague.

Other popular sessions include:

  1. Ask Questions, Get Answers - how to do research
  2. How To Make A Presentation Make A Point - what it says
  3. How To Build Writing Muscles - re-wiring how people write
  4. How To Build A Brand That Lasts - you can see it on Skillshare

Companies use these sessions to:

  1. Encourage their teams into braver thinking
  2. Get their teams on the same page
  3. Get their departments on the same page
  4. Encourage clients and partners into braver thinking
  5. Help their sales and marketing teams better express themselves

Strategy and research

The main reason agencies, marketers, and founders work with me is that they just want better words. I approach strategy more like a journalist than an academic having interviewed thousands of people over the years. I look for patterns and language that stand out and then I work through the implications of what I find and strategy like a writer - short, crisp, and clear language.

Common activities:

  1. Qualitative research
  2. Personas
  3. Customer journeys
  4. Brand strategy
  5. Tone and values
  6. Editorial strategy
  7. Workshops


With research and strategy in hand, I can also help develop words that bring you and your brand to life in public. There’s nothing more frustrating than chubby brand strategy that doesn’t work in the real world. Since I’ve done strategy and published a magazine, I can help these things connect.

Common activities:

  1. Manifestos
  2. Tag lines
  3. PR narratives
  4. Social posts
  5. Executive presentations
  6. Articles
  7. Drawings - yes, I’d love to do drawings for you!

Recent clients

The Economist, Decoded, Runa, Dreampad, Nimbly, TBWA, Havas, KBS, Vayner, Mozilla, Poo-Pourri, Wattpad, McCann, and more.


“The marketing lion that is Pollard definitely does not sleep at night. His brain is not a quiet village.” Mark Cripps, CMO, The Economist

“Working with Mighty Jungle is like entering a new dimension. You see the world with fresh eyes, colored by new insights and a renewed joy for what you do. As a leader, Mark is not afraid to push me, challenge me and sometimes tell me to get out of my own way. All incredibly valuable.” Elizabeth Lukas, CEO, Decoded, Americas

“You can go through a lot of agencies and consultants before finding someone with Mark’s talent. His fresh thinking opened up new ways for branding/positioning our product; his word skills gave voice and personality that brought the product to life. All around, the collaboration’s been a great experience for our team!” Randall Redfield, CEO, Dreampad

“It’s taken me one and a half hours to write 35 words that poke the brain in a way in which Mark would approve. And he’ll still find a way to make this more pointy.” Rob Mustoe, Managing Director, McCann Birmingham

“After we were done, I realized that my strategy eye was closed and then I realized how bad all my past strategies were and I resent Mark for that. But I love him for all the great strategies I’ve done since. Sorry, it’s complicated but we still talk.” Harry Bee, CCO, Havas

“I’ve never seen a room of zillennials not look at their phones for two hours.” Maura Tuohy, Global Head of Social Content & Experience Marketing, Mozilla/Firefox

“I admire Mark’s approach to strategic planning and his uncanny ability to get people outside of their constrained brainspace to dream up something that’s honest, bold, inspirational and worthy of our full attention. I’m a big fan!” Tom Beck - Executive Director, Society of Digital Agencies

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