Life. Then Strategy

My biggest fear in life

I’ve had periods in my life when I’ve barely slept.
For days. For months.
I was scared to turn off.
I was addicted to thinking.
I was trying to work something out.
For the sake of it.

I would try to park ideas in a book but they kept calling me.

A late-night talk show could hum me to sleep.
The scent of a new day, ushered in by a fresh sun, could soothe me.
Because I knew it would all start again.

Those ideas kept calling me.
My ego refused to be silent.
I understand it now.

My biggest fear in life…
or, rather, my ego’s biggest fear in life
is not making a difference.

Life’s too short to not matter.
I know you can relate.
Especially if you end up reading this after midnight.

What’s your biggest fear?

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