Life. Then Strategy


So, what’s the deal with all this ‘impact’ talk?

Well, I’m trying to keep myself focused on what matters. And what I’ve decided matters to me, is helping other people make an impact.

Also, from research I’ve read from the likes of The New York Times and Yahoo!’s ‘The Like Log‘ project, what matters to people visiting a website is the most impactful content.


It gives me something to measure to make sure I’m doing right by you, it helps me stayed focused on creating non-disposable content and it also guides the interface design to focus on bringing the content that resonates the most to the fore.

However, ‘impact’ is a tough thing to measure, right?

The way it will eventually work is that an ‘impact’ will be scored every time someone reads an article and clicks on the ‘I will too!’ button. Currently, it’s picking up page views (well, some of them).

If you have any ideas on how to measure this better or any thoughts on data visualization, please drop me a line.

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